SmileStream is a cloud platform for interconnected dentistry with comprehensive diagnostic software


Diagnose your cases

Use SmileStream’s comprehensive diagnostic tools to chart your patients and create treatment plans


Consult with colleagues

Send patient records to your personally trusted colleagues to get treatment planning advice


Create resources to share or sell

Upload your protocols, treatment plans, slideshows, videos and more to share or sell to other SmileStream members

Learn new skills - book and cap

Learn new skills

Study dental education courses and videos to expand your treatment options and earn CE



Comprehensive Dental Diagnostic Tools

SmileStream makes it easy for you to record and store all your patient data in one place. Access your data anywhere, any time, on any device. SmileStream is a free software for all dental professionals.



Charting+ allows you to digitally document comprehensive records for general dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, and TMJ. Smart guides walk you through the diagnostic phase so you never overlook an issue again.


Areas of Concern

As you input data into Charting+, any time you select something outside the norm, a note is added to your Areas of Concern list, allowing you to make sure that you are handling every concern in your comprehensive treatment plan.


Patient Reports

Compile and store your comprehensive treatment plans in your virtual office. Easily export reports in a printable format to give to your patients.

Quickly calculate the total patient fee for your treatment plans

SmileStream’s office pricing tools allow you to set a price for each procedure in your practice. Each time you add a new procedure to your comprehensive treatment plan, the total fee automatically updates. You can also compare your prices to other SmileStream users in your geographical area. This will help you get a better idea of how other doctors around you are pricing each procedure, thus allowing you to adjust your prices accordingly if you wish.


Send any case to any doctor to request free or paid advice

With all your patient data stored in one place, it’s easier and safer than ever to send a patient’s entire file with SmileStream Consulting. Want to discuss a case with a friend? Need to refer a patient to a local specialist? Send your case records and notes with the click of a button. You can also send cases to one of SmileStream’s leading consultants to give you advice for a predetermined price and turnaround time.


Create a resource library

Organize your office protocols, treatment plants, slideshows, photos, and videos in your personal resource library. You have the option to keep your resources private, or share them with the SmileStream Community if you think other doctors would enjoy them. You also have the option to sell your resources at the price of your choice.




Comprehensive Orthodontic Diagnostic Tools

With SmileStream’s Orthodontic Module, you can diagnose and treatment plan your orthodontic cases. This module is available as a paid add-on feature (free for students and graduates of Progressive Orthodontic Seminars basic series.)


Digital Cephalometric Analysis

Digital Cephalometric Analysis and Model Measuring tools give you pinpoint accuracy in analyzing dental and skeletal issues.


Visual Treatment Objectives

Visual Treatment Objectives (VTOs) help you visualize your patient’s end result based on your treatment decisions, allowing you to see where you are going before you even start.


150+ Treatment Plan Templates

With over 150 different treatment plan templates, there’s no need to start from scratch. Create custom treatment plans for every patient with the details you need to stay on task.