Additional Courses

Additional Courses

New opportunities await

Comprehensive Care Bundle

Sign up for a full educational package to thrive on a larger array of orthodontic patients and get our best discounts. This bundle combines both the Selective Orthodontics Course and Traditional Orthodontics Series so you can achieve predictable results on every orthodontic case.

This is the most comprehensive orthodontic continuing education program in the industry, totaling 60 days of training. Although you will always have access to instructors for support, with your extra training, you may not need it.

Some highlights:

  • Treat more case types
  • Grow confident by diagnosing many more cases
  • Have access to the full SmileStream software suite so you can work up your cases fully
  • Gain a deeper understanding of ceph analysis, treatment planning, fixed appliances, design, growth management, and creating VTOs

Whether you use removable clear aligners, traditional fixed braces, or a mix of both, you'll have the tools to give all your orthodontic patients comprehensive care.


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Additional training is available

Once you've experienced the joys of orthodontics, you may not want to stop! Although you have a high understanding of the specialty, you may want to see even more cases and meet other orthodontic enthusiasts. We offer additional programs so that you can continue your orthodontic journey if you want to.

Want to learn new skills outside of orthodontics but with the same support and quality? Browse our sister company's additional courses.


Master of Science

Graduates of the Traditional Orthodontics Series have the opportunity to achieve a Master of Science in Specialized Orthodontics degree. With an additional 18 months of part time studying and writing a thesis, you can receive a joint university degree. The International Medical College recognizes your high-level of POS orthodontic training to contribute to this MSc degree.


MSc Specialized Orthodontics Degree

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