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Full diagnosis with a mentor is as easy as 1-2-3

Aligner+ consultants and mentors help you to properly set up your cases with complete diagnosis. With support from licensed dentists, every detail is checked and planned in a 10-point system before you start treatment.

The consultant does most of the work, so you can minimize your diagnosis time in just 3 steps.



Screen your patient and take a complete set of records.



Submit case to a consultant to provide an in-depth analysis and treatment plan.



Evaluate the treatment plan and setup, order, and follow instructions.

Complete diagnosis made simple


A complete orthodontic diagnosis can ensure that you will be successful and protected on each aligner case that you start. A consultant can help you to have a full diagnosis that meets the American Board of Orthodontics' standard of care. In addition to protecting you legally, consulting makes your cases more efficient, effective, and profitable so you can avoid never-ending cases, bites opening up unexpectedly, or embarrassing mistakes.

You provide full records and the first stage of diagnosis. After submitting your case, a consultant analyzes your records in depth, providing extra expertise like tracing your ceph, diagnosing the bite, evaluating the skeleton, and giving instructions so every detail is considered before starting treatment. While a full work up would normally take orthodontic expertise and an hour, consultants make it easy for you to get the results and protection.

Consulting vs Mentoring

Both consultants and mentors help you to develop a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. Mentors provide extra support after the planning stage by reviewing your setup back from the lab, guiding you during progress reports and if revisions are needed. You choose how much support you need.

Consulting Mentoring
Review your comments,
treatment goals, and records
Trace your lateral ceph
Trace your study models
Consider multiple
treatment options
Check skeletal pattern
and torque
Create VTO for each
treatment option
Make a treatment decision
Customize a treatment plan
with notes to stager
Design best appliance for
the treatment goals
Review setup you get from lab
Provide guidance on revisions
Follow your case in key stages
until completion (up to 5 years)

Who are my consultants and mentors?

You can feel confident in the work of your consultant or mentor. They are all licensed dentists with extensive aligner and orthodontic knowledge and experience. Each doctor is vetted through our rigorous instructor training process to ensure quality diagnosis, communication and expertise.

Contact your local coordinator to learn what discounts and consulting packages are available in your country.

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