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Giving you more – POS + ClearCorrect collaborate

To give you the best opportunities, we have partnered with ClearCorrect to offer the most effective aligner orthodontic education series with a mentoring and treatment planning system. Both POS and ClearCorrect believe that general dentists can provide a high level of aligner care that meet the orthodontic standard. They have put together a revolutionary program for dentists, combining knowledgeable instructors, a network of support, and a shared philosophy to do what's right for patients.

As a student, you're not limited to using ClearCorrect trays or our brand of brackets. But if you choose to, we make it as streamlined and as easy as possible. Also as an added perk, students and grads can claim special benefits and discounts if using ClearCorrect.

ClearCorrect, a Straumann Group brand, is a leading clear aligners manufacturer. Today, they serve tens of thousands of providers around the world and have delivered millions of aligners.

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What do I need for class?

In the Aligner+ Series you can look forward to practicing the techniques you learn. At the hands-on workshop at Seminar 2, you will bond engagers and buttons to a model, and learn how to best cut trays so that your buttons can use Class II and III elastics effectively. Instructors will teach you how to seat trays properly, and how to fix them when they don't fit right. You'll also learn how to bond brackets and tie in wires to help you if you have non-compliant patients or need more control.

To participate, you will need the materials in the Aligner+ Kit. This kit has the instruments, model, trays, and sample sizes of materials for your class exercises; you may also use many items on your patients too. You should purchase this kit before Seminar 2's workshop. If you've prepaid for the series, you may qualify for a discount on the kit. If you already have some instruments or have taken our Traditional Orthodontics Series, just let us know and we can tailor the kit for you.

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You're not alone

We understand that starting a new specialty can feel overwhelming. But don't worry, you're not alone. As you're starting your orthodontic career, we can help you understand what items will contribute to your success. We will also be honest and tell you what items may not be as necessary for your situation or quantity of patients.


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