Who We Are

Who We Are

Making beautiful smiles
a simple science

Orthodontics is our passion

We at Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (POS) provide a complete orthodontic system so that dentists can give their patients healthy, beautiful smiles. We believe that the support of education and mentors enables dentists to thrive.

In 1984, Dr. B. Donald McGann experienced the limitations placed on GPs wanting to treat orthodontics. He created an opportunity so that every dentist had the chance to provide quality orthodontics. Dr. McGann developed the Traditional Orthodontics Series, a comprehensive education, mentoring, and treatment planning system. Since then, POS has become the world's most robust GP orthodontic community.

Always wanting to progress what dentists can accomplish, we have expanded to provide orthodontic aligner education and support. Our Aligner+ program was designed so dentists have the same opportunities to achieve quality education, support and confidence with clear aligners.


Let's meet (and exceed) the standard of care

We are passionate about dentistry and feel that our community can do better.Many in our industry don' t acknowledge that aligners are more than a cosmetic device.Read about the DIY Orthodontics trend.

Aligner therapy is orthodontics and must be taken seriously for the health of our patients.It is an effective orthodontic tool that can fix malocclusions, straighten teeth and improve patients' long term oral health.Clear aligner therapy should not be diagnosed solely by a lab technician; it should be provided by a trained dentist to ensure proper planning, treatment and monitoring.

We believe that every aligner provider should take full records, diagnose for proper bite formation, document multiple treatment options, and have a proper treatment plan. Our program enables dentists to provide the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) standard of care in a practical way, so everyone wins.

Have the tools…yes, brackets too

In our program, you will learn “real orthodontics”. Unlike other programs, our candid training allows you to understand how to deal with problems and avoid the mistakes that others have made.

Since the most common aligner issue is non-compliance, all doctors should have a basic knowledge of brackets and wires before starting aligner treatment.Having the right tools and knowledge will help you manage the realities of your clinic.

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