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Progressive Orthodontic Seminars is proud to offer 2 orthodontic learning paths.

Aligner<sup>+</sup> Orthodontics


Traditional Orthodontics


Aligner+ Orthodontics Mini Series


Aligner+ is a revolutionary new approach to ensure orthodontic aligner success on every patient. It is an educational, mentoring, and treatment planning program for dentists to have the confidence and tools to handle every situation.

Traditional Orthodontics Comprehensive Series

Over the past 36 years, Progressive Orthodontics has established itself as the world’s #1 orthodontic training program. With our Traditional Orthodontics series, you can feel confident that you are learning orthodontics at the highest level in the world.


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Aligner+ SERIES

-4 seminar mini-series (totaling 12 days)

-Gain a foundation in orthodontics

-Treat aligner cases and aligner-braces cases to a high ABO standard

-Use instructor consulting to minimize your time analyzing and designing the case

-Limited software access since you rely on instructors to do the bulk of diagnosis


-Comprehensive series (totaling 48 days or 12 days + 300 hours online)

-Comprehend 90% of orthodontics

-Treat fixed orthodontic cases at a high ABO level

-Use instructor consulting as an optional way to check your analysis and refine your plan

-Full software access to do more of your own diagnosis on cases

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