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Gain the knowledge and support to
be successful on every clear aligner case.



Our 12 day seminar series will give you a strong foundation in orthodontic principles, making aligner treatment efficient and predictable.



Expert consultants are available to provide extra diagnosis support and guide you through your cases. Our comprehensive mentoring platform makes it easy to communicate with your mentor.

Benefits of Aligner+
Have a solid plan

Use step-by-step plans and instructor guidance to ensure every important detail is analyzed before starting treatment. Following a predictable plan helps you maximize efficiency and profits.

Stop relying on lab techs

Confidently design the right appliances to gain full control of your outcomes. Gone are the days of just clicking “approve” and hoping treatment goes well.

Experts at your fingertips

Consultants and mentors can readily support you. They are all licensed dentists with strong orthodontic and aligner experience whom have been rigorously tested.

Handle any situation

A good understanding of tooth movement paired with access to consultants helps you to treat patients well, whatever happens in the realities of your clinic.

What is the standard of care for clear aligners?

We believe that all orthodontic patients (including those that use aligners), deserve the standard of care. Our system follows the American Board of Orthodontics' protocol, so students know to provide a full set of records (including a cephalometric analysis, OPG, models and photos) and to document multiple treatment considerations. Our standards are higher than what most direct-to-consumer aligner companies can claim, and we're proud of that.


complete set of records


Traced Cephalometric Xray


Consideration & Documentation of Multiple Treatment Options

Good care starts with knowledge.

If you're interested in improving your clear aligner care and getting support from experienced doctors, take the next step in our 12-day series.

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