Our Revolutionary Program Is Designed to

help students take the first step in successfully incorporating orthodontics into their practice. Reliant on technology and our proprietary ortho simulation app, you’ll learn how to identify and treat easy to moderate non-extraction cases.

This course has an optional hands-on lab.

Why Choose the Selective Ortho Series?

Take the First Step

  • Master basic principles to incorporate ortho into your practice and learn how to identify and treat easy to moderate non-extra ction cases.
  • Know how to discuss ortho with your patients and give the best advice.
  • Treat the uncomplicated cases using aligners and brackets, and know which cases to refer.

Same Education, 2 Formats

16 Formats
Benefits of Choosing the Selective Ortho Series
Reliant on Technology
(iOS Required)

Progressive ortho simulation app, and proper case selection to ensure success.

Lifetime Retake Policy

Retake any of these courses anytime for the rest of your life. Keep up to date with the latest improvements and changes in orthodontics.

Limited to Specific “Selective” Case Types

using technology and a “coach” to ensure the case types are detected properly.

Optional Hands-On Lab

for those that want to treat cases.

What Is the Standard of Care?


Complete Set of Records


Traced Cephalometric Xray

Consideration & Documentation of Multiple Treatment Options

Schedule of Events

Orange County, CA May 4-5, 2024 July 12-14, 2024(Live or Hybrid) Sept. 6/7/8, 2024
Miami, FL August 17-18, 2024 October 25-27, 2024(Live or Hybrid) December 6/7-8, 2024
San Jose, CA September 14-15, 2024 October 18-20, 2024(Live or Hybrid) January 10/11-12, 2025
Houston, TX August 17-18, 2024 September 27-29, 2024(Live or Hybrid) November 15-17, 2024
Chicago, IL Sept. 14-15, 2024 Oct. 25-27, 2024(Live or Hybrid) Dec. 6/7/8, 2024
New York, NY Sept. 21-22, 2024 Nov. 1-3, 2024(Live or Hybrid) Jan. 24/25/26, 2025
Toronto, Canada June 1-2, 2024 August 16-18, 2024(Live or Hybrid) October 4-6, 2024

*Bold indicates optional Hands-On Class (Recommended) Call or Email us if you have any questions or requests about any of our classes.

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